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Circles of Pain.

Not so internal dialogue.

Norman Osborn


Not so internal dialogue.

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"She's our responsibility, Norman."

"Yes, of course she is."

"Therefore, so is he."
  • Norman... Her power coils inside his mind, trying to find her fiancee, hold onto his voice. See if he'll hate her if she lets this one... And she doesn't move against those ethreal touches -- why would she, when it wouldn't do any good -- but she doesn't push them away, either. Wavering, and since when has an Osborn been able to resist their Goblin?
    • It's hard to find a boundary, isn't it? Norman, her Norman, is only half an observer to his other side's thoughts and opinions. Hate her? No. Be thrilled about it? No. You see, what applies to her, applies to him.
      • She winds her green around him, half to restrain and half to reassure. Oh, please give her an excuse... We should leave, before someone recognises you.
        • Perhaps you're right.

          There are, after all, black suits dotted liberally through this tourist crowd, and more subtle survelliance is inevitable.
          • Of course I am. She wraps her power around them, and they fade from the notice of everyone that might be watching. "Take us back."
            • Mm. He tugs her close, for ease of transport (obviously), and then they fall through the threads, disappearing away home.
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