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Circles of Pain.

A new place.

Norman Osborn


A new place.

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Norman and Amber appear in an empty living room, wide windows overlooking the cityscape of northern Manhatten.  He has no furniture yet, but he has... an apartment!  A threshold for his re-entry into his own world.  He's rather pleased with it.
  • Amber has her eyes closed when they PINpoint in. But then she opens them and laughs, delighted. "This is the one from... oh. Norman!" Happy for him!
    • "I liked the view." Oh, he's grinning. "I'll buy the whole building eventually."
      • There is hugging. Lots of hugging. This is good enough news that it even takes her mind off the queasy feeling that PINpointing always gives her. "I don't doubt it. But even this... oh, I'm so happy for you." She really is.
        • He likes PINpointing. He has plans for PINpointing. >,> "Mmm. I won't miss living in the loft, but after the Sanctuary, this place is very quiet." Nuzzlemrrr.
          • Oh, she's certain he does. An Osborn,not take advantage of Nexus tech? He'd have to have a chip in his head! "Mmm. Well, you can... get a nice sound system, play music." Nuzzling. Ooh, nuzzling.
            • Heaven forbid he get a chip in his head. He has a big enough one on his shoulder, being an Osborn. But that's not for tonight, no. "Mm. I should. But music is better enjoyed with company. Amber, would you like to live here with me?" Direct, for once.
              • Aww, look at her face light up. "I... oh. You'd really --" She laughs, just a little, and kisses him. "I'd love nothing better."
                • He hoped it would make her smile like that. "It's not on the water, and it's not the Labs. I hoped you'd like a change."
                  • She leans against him, arms loosely wound around his waist. "Yes." She may be just a little almost-speechless, here. Or just afraid of saying the wrong thing. But hugging still works, right?
                    • Always. "I'm still outfitting it, but if you don't mind a picnic on the floor, we can stay here tonight?"
                      • She smiles, and nuzzles his shoulder. "Love to." Gah, got to stop using that word. Dammit, Norman, why do you have to be so sweet to her?
                        • It's all part of his master plan. To do what, he's not so sure. But it involves kissing.
                          • Kissi -- ooh. Mmm. Well, she'll have no choice but to play along, won't she? Just... just to see that he doesn't ensnare any other poor innocents, of course.

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