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Circles of Pain.

Enough of this.

Norman Osborn


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headache with a disturbing smile
Enough of this.
  • Hmm?
    • I am getting out of bed and going to lurk in your library.

      *attempts this!*
      • Just don't push yoursef too far. And remember to bring a treat for the critters, hmm?

        *watches him carefully, but will not help unless he needs it*
        • *He'll never admit to needing it. Just ignore the way he leans on everything he passes. Really.*

          Last time I brought them a treat, I didn't get another moment's peace.
          • *Norman does! Or... pretends to, while being very ready to catch him if he falls.*

            But you see, if you don't bring them anything it'll be even worse, because they'll spend the whole evening looking for what you don't have. Trust me on this.
            • Fine, fine. *makes a detour through a kitchen. Yay, more counters to lean on* Do they like peanut butter?
              • Only on things. Maybe if you toss in some raw chicken? *roots through a fridge, for this. Little strips!*
                • That'll do.

                  *So armed with chicken and peanut butter, Ulti hobbles wanders off to the library.*
                  • *And lo, the 'critters' come out! Strange little things they are, but they know Norman, and recognise him as one of their master's -- so there is no attacking, just cheerful little warbling chirps, and bony-clawed paws grabbing at his pants, trying to scramble up his legs. Food? Play? Skritchings? Food? New books? Food? :D?*
                    • *Food. He sets down the plate of treats and heads for the shelves with the books he wants. He makes it there juuuuust before he falls.*
                      • FOOD. They swarm the plate with deighted sounds, leaving Norman alone... for the moment. Lucky for the man, his alternate keeps his 'library' -- technically, his study and an adjoining, carefully warded area -- very comfortable. There are pillows and couches and very soft chairs very near to everywhere. So.. even if he does fall, he should be able to get to somewhere a bit more pleasant.
                        • Snarling to (at?) himself, he pulls himself onto a chair, and snags the nearest book. Any book is better than going back to the room he's been in since he woke up.

                          It'll be a while before he tries standing again, though.
                          • Any book is better, indeed. This one, thankfully, is one of Norman's less... in-depth... tomes. Still, though, it makes for fscinating reading -- a treatise from some obscure mage, on the lost continent of Hyperborea, and the proto-humans who dwelt there, so many million years ago. All theoretical, of course, from artifacts and and legends and brief, dangerous scrying attempts. But Ulti wasn't looking for hard fact anyway, was he?
  • Aww. How adorable. And nest-able! When Norman comes across him, or he wakes up (either one), he'll have about a half-dozen litte demonings curled up near him, imitating him and stealing his body heat. Humans are warm and soft! :3
  • Hermes peeks in with a little snack and some new toys for the Little Guys.

    • When he finally does wake up (Because recovering pups needs as much sleep as their muns.) he tries not to disturb the beasties as he reaches for his book again.
      • Hermes smiles and offers a tummy(?) rub to which ever wee beastie is closest. He's whispering to them and telling them something. How odd.
        • Very odd. "Hello, Hermes." Sleepy smile?
          • "'lo, Norman." He's brought a little sippy cup for the demonlings - yes, it's filled with the blood of a black cockerel that was killed at midnight. They need to eat well, doncha know.
            • He doesn't see Hermes often. Pulls himself straighter, rubbing the sleep out of his face. He probably disturbs a demonling or two. "How're you?"
              • Squirp! There is a sudden outburst of chittering and squeaking. Some of the demons try to resnuggle with Norman, while others go over to cling to Hermes.

                "Not bad, just having a chat with the little ones." Aww, lookit his little claws!
                • Norman scritches the one that ends up in his lap, watching Hermes. "How much do they understand?"
                  • "More than you'd think. They're still very young, but they're quick learners. I'm just letting them know that I've a little work to take care of and I'll be away for a little."

                    One of the little 'darlings' is trying to chew on Hermes' hair. Sigh.
                    • Norman's is trying to get its head down his sleeve, so he'll see that sigh and raise Hermes an eyeroll.

                      "Oh? What sort of work?" How can you not be curious about what a god does?
                      • "This, that and the other. Not too sure, really. I've got a craving to get moving again and I've never been one to say no to a craving."

                        Oh, alright. If they're going to climb all over him and chew, he might as well turn to glass and chrome. Those claws are sharp!
                        • That look is surprised, not appreciative. Honest. "Understandable. Going to be gone long?"
                          • "I don't know, really. Long enough, I suppose. If anyone really needs me, I can still be reached."

                            Hermes did not just steal a sip from the cup. Not at all.
                            • "Of course." He assumes Norman already knows, of course. "Is Norman going with you?"
                              • "No, I don't think so. I need to stretch and be on my own for a bit. I've been too sedentary and it's itching at me."

                                Hermes flops back on the couch and lets the demons skitter all over him. "I wanted to say goodbye to BugBug and Tickles, here."
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